The fifth video on the channel, and the first Minecraft video. Like most of the videos, it's just what it's advertised to be in the title.

When Pigs Fly - A very short Minecraft movie

When Pigs Fly - A very short Minecraft movie

Story Edit

Two Minecrafters, Yoshkins990 and MagiKRAP, are seen on a flat world with a few houses, buildings, and statues. Yoshkins990 is holding a wooden sword and tries to tell MagiKRAP, who is holding a diamond sword, to trade swords. MagiKRAP aggrees to trade-- when pigs fly. Just then, some guy (whos name wasnt revealed) jumped off of a giant statue on a pig. Yoshkins sees the guy fall and die, and tells MagiKRAP that a pig actually "flew", and the guy died and dropped his shit. MagiKRAP looks behind him, sees the evidence, and they trade swords.

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